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    Teaming NIC PRO 1000/MT in windows Server 2008 R2


      The Intel PRO 1000/MT has (today ?) no "full support" in Windows Server 2008 R2 ; that is : each NIC est recognized by OS and functionnal, but we can't built a team, because  Intel Advanced Network Software (ANS) is not available.

      More, on my DELL PowerEdge 2850 (with 4 PRO 1000/MT), no PCI-express slot, then i can't install more recent NIC which has full support (like 1000/PT).

      A server hardware with server software and with server NICs but no server teaming functionality ?

      Does it means I have to replace all my Intel NIC with Broadcom NIC which has teaming support in 2008 R2 ?

      Thanks for your help

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