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    Intel 965 Mobile Chipset


      Another rant about the virus of video cards the intel 965. I have no doubt this post will be removed shortly, but here goes.


      Well after purchasing a brand new lenovo laptop, I was excited to replace my old toshiba tablet and so some work and play on the new ultra portable system, to my dismay, the intel 965 chipset video tuns out to be "the worst video card ever made", I encountered problems with simple games and 3D rendering, immediatly hit the internet for solutions and again, millions of hits about the same problem.


      The video card has Low FPS on pretty much everything, updating the driver to the latest version, produces a massive 5fps on World of Warcraft, Quake Live and Secondlife


      So to prove a point I cranked up the old toshiba with a Nvidia 6300, this managed in it's archaic form to generate a steady 30-40 fps on all 3 games, contacting the game manufacturers produced little help all claiming that well, Intel produced a lemon.


      I agree the monile 965 is trash, if Intel wanted to retain any credibility with the home user gaming comminity, they would issue a recall.


      As it is, I am going to be much more selective when purchasing new hardware, any intel video card avoid like the plague (Simply I will NEVER buy another one and advise my customers to stear clear of the intel graphic producs), Intel should stick to CPU's, the GPU effort, I'm sorry to say guys, Epic failure.




      Annoyed as ****.

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          I have problems too with the video card 964GM. It does not support OpenGL 2.0? I would like to use the options OpenGL / GNU software Photoshop CS5, but the program says that the video card does not support. My driver is updated. Olds video card suppot OpenGL 2.0.


          Any solution?
          If not, I can replace my video card?