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    CPU temperature problem on D955XBK mb


      I've got a 3.25GHz Pentium D in my Intel D955XBK motherboard.  I've been having processor temperature problems lately.  The temperature normaly hovers in the 60-68C range, but bumps over 70C, the recommended limit, frequently.  I bought a new heat sink, (it has a 4-wire fan) but the temperatures are the same.  The only difference now is that the fan runs slower. It looks like the system is fighting my efforts to help it out.


      The temperature in the case is at room temperature, which varies throughout the day between 25C and 31C.  The cover is currently off the case and I have a house fan blowing room air over the motherboard, so it can't be a case ventillation or temperature problem.  Case temperatures are supposed to stay below 38C.


      Is there a way I can speed up the processor fan?  I can't find a BIOS setting for this.  The BIOS only lets me view teh hardware sensor settings.

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          I've got the case closed up again and I've added two more 90 mm fans to the system.  Room temperature is 25C, board temperatures are 44C and 35C, and processor temperature is 60C.  But, the processor fan is running under 900 rpm!  Why?  Is this CPU supposed to maintain its temperature at 60C????  When I launch my browser the temperature shoots up to 70-71C before the fan comes up to around 1600 rpm, bringing the temperature back down to the low 60sC again.  70C is the operating maximum for this CPU.


          I'm seriously thinking of cutting the 4th wire running to the processor fan.  This is the PWM wire that controls the fan speed on 4-wire fans.  With it cut the fan should run at full speed.  I've got a 3-wire fan plugged into a 4-wire jack and that's what that fan is doing.  Its running at around 3600 RPM.  I'm fine with that.


          Has anyone done this before?


          Any why does my CPU fan run so slow?

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            Folks on Toms Hardware have suggested that the heat sink might not be making proper contact with the CPU, that over time the plastic legs on the Intel heat sink creep and one side starts to lift off the CPU.  Interesting, and I'll look into it.


            But, that still doesn't explain why the fan is so slow and that the system seems designed to keep the CPU temperature at 60C.

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              I know on this board you can enter the bios and disable fan control which sets the cpu fan to full speed all the time. I know this is not a very quiet option, but there is another option. If you are running windows XP (might work in vista too) you can use the intel desktop control centre. Here is a link to it for your board, it is suppose to be able to control the fan speeds. I havent used it myself because it does not work for Windows 7 64bit which i am using on my machine(same mobo). http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=N&ProductID=2205&DwnldID=13647   i hope this helps! (and if you can maybe buy a performance heatsink, something with heatpipes maybe and search online for some reviews for some heatsinks) anyway good luck!