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    Display native resolution on new lcd


      Good morning,




      I am trying to install a new Acer X203H LCD monitor on my Dell SX280 Desktop and have it display its native resolution of 1600x900 @ 60hz.  So far I have only been able to utilize Static Display Modes (currently 1280x1024)  Can someone please break it down for me “Kindergarten Style” because I am really losing faith in the term PnP.    I have included the following info below:




      1. My System Info

      2. The troubleshooting steps I have tried and the results

      3. Any system diagnostic reports I could find

      A) Monitor Query from MonInfo

      B) Display Adapter Diagnostic from PowerStrip




      4) Links to relevant support articles on the Web

      5) A list of possible trouble spots.




      Sorry for the information overload but there are few things more annoying than a post that says “Help, Please” and “I am trying to connect my monitor” :-)







      1) System Info




      Dell SX280 SFF

      Windows XP Pro

      Integrated Graphics Chipset: 82915G/GV/910GL Express

      Current Graphics Chip Driver: v.

      Monitor: Acer X203H

      Monitor Driver: Acer

      Display Driver: ialmrnt5.dll, v.

      PC-Monitor Connection:  DVI-I (PC) to DVI-D (Cable) to DVI-I (Monitor)




      2) Troubleshooting steps (and results) so far:




      1. Attempted to install updated display adapter drivers from      Intel (Denied, said use Dell's instead)

      2. Installed updated display adapters from Dell (No change)

      3. Installed Acer Driver v for LCD (No change)

      4. Installed Entech's PowerStrip and attempted to select res      from Predefined list (After sys restart, res is never available)

      5. Used Entech's PowerStrip to “Write Custom Monitor File”      (Updating driver with file has no effect)

      6. Used Entech's PowerStrip to force “Read Data Directly From      Monitor” (DDC Communication Failed Error)

      7. Installed MonInfo to ensure EDID was being returned

      8. Power down and re-connect monitor (No change)

      9. Contact MS support  (Referred to Intel after standard      TroubleShooting measures. Very helpful)

      10. Contact Intel Support (Referred to email only support, will      be emailing this doc to them)

      11. Contact Dell Support (Told monitor may not be compatible with      PC)

      12. Contact Acer Support (Currently working through email to      perform standard troubleshooting)













      3) Diagnostic Reports:




      A) Monitor Query from MonInfo

      B) Adapter Diagnostic from PowerStrip










      A) Monitor Query from MonInfo




        Model name............... X203H
        Manufacturer............. Acer
        Plug and Play ID......... ACR0073
        Serial number............ LEV0C0074010
        Manufacture date......... 2009, ISO week 16
        EDID revision............ 1.3
        Input signal type........ Digital
        Color bit depth.......... Undefined
        Display type............. RGB color
        Screen size.............. 440 x 250 mm (19.9 in)
        Power management......... Standby, Suspend, Active off/sleep
        Extension blocs.......... None
        DDC/CI................... Supported
        MCCS revison............. 2.0
        Display technology....... TFT
        Controller............... Mstar
        Firmware revision........ 1.0
        Firmware flags........... 0x78
        Active power on time..... Not supported
        Current frequency........ 64.10kHz, 60.10Hz




      Color characteristics
        Default color space...... Non-sRGB
        Display gamma............ 2.20
        Red chromaticity......... Rx 0.640 - Ry 0.329
        Green chromaticity....... Gx 0.300 - Gy 0.600
        Blue chromaticity........ Bx 0.150 - By 0.060
        White point (default).... Wx 0.313 - Wy 0.329
        Additional descriptors... None




      Timing characteristics
        Horizontal scan range.... 31-80kHz
        Vertical scan range...... 55-75Hz
        Video bandwidth.......... 120MHz
        CVT standard............. Not supported
        GTF standard............. Not supported
        Additional descriptors... None
        Preferred timing......... Yes
        Native/preferred timing.. 1600x900p at 60Hz (16:9)
          Modeline............... "1600x900" 118.250 1600 1688 1856 2112 900 903 908 934 -hsync +vsync




      Standard timings supported
           720 x  400p at  70Hz - IBM VGA
           640 x  480p at  60Hz - IBM VGA
           640 x  480p at  67Hz - Apple Mac II
           640 x  480p at  72Hz - VESA
           640 x  480p at  75Hz - VESA
           800 x  600p at  56Hz - VESA
           800 x  600p at  60Hz - VESA
           800 x  600p at  72Hz - VESA
           800 x  600p at  75Hz - VESA
           832 x  624p at  75Hz - Apple Mac II
          1024 x  768p at  60Hz - VESA
          1024 x  768p at  70Hz - VESA
          1024 x  768p at  75Hz - VESA
          1280 x 1024p at  75Hz - VESA
          1152 x  870p at  75Hz - Apple Mac II
          1152 x  864p at  75Hz - VESA STD
          1280 x  960p at  60Hz - VESA STD
          1280 x 1024p at  60Hz - VESA STD
          1280 x  720p at  60Hz - VESA STD
          1280 x  800p at  60Hz - VESA STD




      Report information
        Date generated........... 9/9/2009
        Software revision........
        Operating system......... 5.1.2600.2.Service Pack 3




      Raw data













      B) Video Adapter Diagnostic from PowerStrip:




      Diagnostic report - generated on 9/10/2009
      PowerStrip build - 650
      Windows build - v.5.1.2600.2.Service Pack 3
      DirectX build - v.5.03.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-0845)
      OpenGL renderer - (n/a)




      System board
      Type - Intel
      Transfer mechanism - Disabled
      Non-local memory - (n/a)
      PCI Express version - 1.00a




      Graphics card #1
      Identity - Dell Display controller
      Memory clock - 333.34 MHz
      Engine clock - 333.34 MHz
      IRQ - 16, shared
      Display driver - ialmrnt5.dll, v.
      DirectX driver - ialmrnt5.dll, v.
      Attached monitor - Acer X203H (EDID Override) (Microsoft)
      Monitor caps (1) - 1600x1200, 75kHz, 85Hz




      Device enumeration
      Dell CPU-to-PCI bridge (25808086h)
      Intel PCI-to-PCI/PCIe bridge (25818086h) - using IRQ16
      Dell Display controller (25828086h) - using IRQ16
      Intel PCI-to-PCI/PCIe bridge (26608086h) - using IRQ16
      Dell Universal serial bus (USB) (26588086h) - using IRQ21
      Dell Universal serial bus (USB) (26598086h) - using IRQ22
      Dell Universal serial bus (USB) (265A8086h) - using IRQ18
      Dell Universal serial bus (USB) (265B8086h) - using IRQ23
      Dell Universal serial bus (USB) (265C8086h) - using IRQ21
      Intel PCI-to-PCI bridge (244E8086h)
      Dell Audio device (266E8086h) - using IRQ23
      Intel PCI-to-ISA bridge (26408086h)
      Dell IDE controller (266F8086h) - using IRQ11
      Dell IDE controller (26518086h) - using IRQ20
      Dell SMBus (266A8086h)
      Dell Ethernet controller (167714E4h) - using IRQ16









      4) List of relevant links on the web


      A) A Link to Intel's GMA 900 Chipset spec (Chip Capabilities)


      B) Intel's Spec Sheet for the 910GL Chipset




      5) A list of things I am suspicious of:



      a) In Device Manager → Monitors there are 3 devices listed.  All 3 claim to be PnP Monitors

      this seems very odd




      b) In Device Manager → Display Adapters the Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset is                listed twice.  This also seems unusual




      c) Under Display Properties → Settings I appear to have a Dual Monitor Config, even though I                have only one display connected.  See image below

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          To be honest i'm no expert. But have you reinstalled the OS? i say this because of what you said at the end about the Device manager. I would think it is def worth installing teh OS again. If you do, make sure u install the drivers in this order = Chipset>audio>video>lan>everything else.

          When you installe dthe new screen did you uninstall any drivers there were for the previous screen?

          I had a quick look at the dattasheets and wqhat not, i couldn't see any obvious reason for them not to work....

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            After reading through this post on Custom Resolutions for Intel Graphics I downloaded and ran DTDCalculator from Clever Technologies.  I used the Modeline field from MonInfo Query to fill in the fields on the DTD Calc and recieved the following DTD:


            31,2E,40,00,62,84,22,30,58,A8,35,00,BB,F9,10,00,00,1C  (Commas added later)




            I downloaded the latest driver from Intel's SIte which is


            Driver Revision: PV 14.25.50
            *  Package: 31983
            *  Graphics:
            *  HDMI Audio:


            I located the igxp32.inf file and made the following changes:


            1. I set the TotalDTDCount flag from "0" to "5" ( I chose 5 because there were already DTD_1 through DTD_4 already filled in and DTD_5 seemed blank, like a placeholder)


            2. In the DTD_5 field (which was all '00' values) I eneterd the DTD that I got from running DTDCalc plus added commas and 37, 01


            When I was done the line looked like this:


            HKR,, DTD_5,%REG_BINARY%, 31,2E,40,00,62,84,22,30,58,A8,35,00,BB,F9,10,00,00,1C,37,01        ;1900x600@60....Non-interlaced


            3. Saved the file

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              Update and a question


              So here's where I am,



              I need to know how to force a driver "Self-Extractor Program" to use a specific .INF File.  I have two "Driver Installers"  for the current Intel Drivers.  One is from Intel's site and is .Zip and the other is from Dell's and is a Self-extractor.  Since Dell's is "wrapped" inside an installer program, I cannot get to the .INF file to edit it.  Intel's file is Zipped, and I was able to locate the .INF file and edit it.


              When I try to install Intel's version of the driver it complains that it is not designed for the system and that I need to use the specific driver provided by the manufacturer (Dell).


              If I could get the Dell installer to point at my edited .INF file instead of it's own, I think I might be a little closer to a resolution.  Then again I might be more screwed than ever before!

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                Some minor progress but some troubles also ,  I used the Device Manager to manually update the driver for the display adapter and pointed it right at the igxp32.INF file.  The good news is I now have many more resolutions options displayed in the Display Properties slider bar.  The bad news is none of them are 1600x900 and none of them seem to work. Additionally, on sys restart there seems to be some important things missing.  I am getting warning messages regarding unsigned software and missing files.  I am probably going to do a system recovery and rollback  these changes.