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    Question about hardware compatibility FAQ




      I was looking through this compatibility FAQ for the Linux version of the Intel Compute Stick:




      and was happy to see that one of the products made by the company I work for listed, but sad that our name was misspelled . I work for Plugable Technologies in Seattle WA and in the hub section it lists our USB 2.0 hub as compatible, but it lists our name as 'Pluggable' with two g's instead of one. I know it is a minor quibble, but would it be possible to have that corrected?


      That said, if Intel wants any of our products to use in internal testing just let me know directly (a PM would work fine) and we can get you any samples you need. I know Intel on Oregon has ordered some of our products in the past but we are more than happy to provide samples needed for testing as we would appreciate any feedback.


      Thank you very much,


      Bob Boerner

      Plugable Technologies


      P.S. Hopefully this is not seen as an inappropriate post as we are not trying to SPAM the forum. Trying to find the right contact to make the change on that page is pretty difficult. I did enter a 'Feedback' comment earlier today but an not sure how often those are viewed.