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    How you can help change the world for the public and developers by promoting your projects



      I sure I am not the only developer that has dedicated their lives to trying to help increase the quality of peoples lives by developing tech for them. Unless I am the only one in the world, there must be techs that are struggling to survive, struggling to keep their homes, going without food and sleep, waking up with your head on the keyboard and going straight back into it as soon as your eyes open in the hope that today will be the day you get noticed and your financial problems will end allowing you to bring your inventions to the world.

      I am one of those developers and have come to a point where I am no longer ashamed to speak about it. I have developed a platform that I believe will help change this situation for myself and other developers that are going through the same thing. For me this campaign may be my last chance, in three months I will be homeless, and my lifes work gone down the drain as soon as my servers go offline.

      I want to make sure that no developer ever goes through this alone, I want to build a community that helps developers as much as it helps people learn about and acquire modern technology and the knowledge to use it securely. I have created an Indiegogo campaign and I need help promoting it I am out funds living in a friends attic with only my pcs, my equipment and my will to not fail.

      If you are or were one of these developers, if you want to help make a real difference please take the time to check out my campaign. My struggles go uncared about in the real world as people just do not understand tech or the passion I have for it. I am hoping here that there are people that can relate to what I am saying and that we can work together to make sure that no developer ever feels so lonely or trapped as I have done over the last few years. Please take the time to see what I am talking about, it could be you or one of your friends that my system helps in the future. Without sounding corny it is time for us developers to come together and start looking out for each other.

      I hope that this post hasn't been a waste.