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    Releasing a product built on Intel Galileo commercially.



      One of my projects is now up to stage where I am thinking of releasing as a product to buy. How it works is as follows:

      1. Node JS server loads default thresholds on start up from a web api.

      2. Server monitors proximity. light, sound and room temperature, updates database via web api when thresholds are exceeded, optional LED and buzzer warning can be turned on.

      3. From web based GUI in my clients area, system uses voice synthesis to alert when activity detected.

      4. Users can use voice recognition or manual entry to control the thresholds, turn system on and off, monitor data, GUI sends realtime actions back to the board such as turn led alarm off, turn audio off, turn on/off board etc etc.

      5. User can make up zones and assign additional boards to zones and monitor locations/zones individually or collectively.

      Securities in place include SSL, data encryption to and from the board, signed requests and CSRF.

      I still have to 3D print the case for it and my printer needs returning but apart from that I am ready to launch at least a beta version 1 of this system and begin version 2 which will integrate with a) my natural linguistics program, b) my A.I, c) OpenCv ( which I need some assistance with will create a new post)

      This will be the first time I have released any hardware, is there anyone that knows anything about licenses, testing etc to be able to legally sell this as a product?