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    Curl requests in IoT Eclipse C++ taking 20 seconds +



      I hit a road block with OpenCV not saving videos only images, I have very limited time to complete this project and I came with a work around where my connected GUI on a remote server simply uses ajax refresh to refresh the image created by OpenCV and display it back to the user to mimic a video but it sometimes displays a blank image as the image is being written and it doesn't flow very well.

      After a day wasted trying to get the videowriter to work I finally came up with the idea of once the image was created in OpenCV, send a http request to my API with the current image file name and update the database then the ajax will pick up the file name and display the full image getting rid of the issue with loading half created images.

      I finally found in curl in the includes folder of the dev kit but it is taking up to 20 seconds and more to return just the word tester. I am going to implement the database update now and I think this is going to really have a bad impact on the time it take to complete and create a new image. Anyone have any ideas what may be taking the page so long to load.