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    what should I do? I ordered i3-4360T TDP35W, and I got a CPU with 84W TDP? I can not find the address mail to Intel, the CPU purchased in Germany and I'm in Poland


      Hello, I ordered tray i3-4360T processor (35W TDP), so too have the invoice, but in a box (also described i3) was unfortunately completely different processor i5-4460 with 84W TDP, normally I would be pleased with this difference but it has to be small computer passively cooled, the board ASRock Z97E-ITX/ac the CPU was purchased a month ago and already can not pay the store and saw it until a few days ago when I plugged the computer and BIOS did not match me up data can you do to help me solve my problem? This processor has to be part of a large project (two independent computers in one case) all will be modified each cable and connector, and a whole will be described in detail in several articles on http://twojepc.pl/