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    Galileo IoT devix file transfer mac-galileo-mac


      Hi everybody.

      I have IoT devkit image installed in my Galileo and I would like to transfer images from my computer (macbook) to Galileo (root folder for example) by internet, because the Galileo is in the lab and I want to work at home. As I use a macbook, the SSH connection is made by the terminal in mac. I see that in Windows System the SSH platform comes already with an interface (putty) that helps us to do the file transfer.

      When I log in my galileo from internet using the terminal in my mac, I write ssh root@IP -p PORT, then it asks for the password, I write it and then I logged in my galileo. I looked up on internet and I found this:



           Start by using nc to listen on a specific port, with output captured into a file:


                 $ nc -l 1234 > filename.out


           Using a second machine, connect to the listening nc process, feeding it the file which is to be trans-ferred: transferred:



                 $ nc host.example.com 1234 < filename.in


           After the file has been transferred, the connection will close automatically.

      I opened two terminals, the first one I wrote "nc -l PORT > rosto.jpeg.out" and in the other "nc  GALILEOIP PORT < rosto.jpeg.in"

      then Iogged in my galileo, used ls command and I found the file "rosto.jpeg.in". My question now is:

      They asked no password, then why have it worked?

      the file is with .in extension, I don't know if it has really worked because I can't open the picture in galileo (is that possible to do that in mac?)

      I tried the same code, but writhing neither .out nor .in, and it hasn't worked.

      How can I do the inverse? Send from my mac to my galileo.


      Thank you.