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    Mother Board DG45ID


      I purchased a DG45ID because of all the graphics specs. After I built my computer, the Best Vista score I could get with the onboard graphics was a 4.2 Disappointed I added a GV-N250OC-1GI Rev. 2.0 , Now I have 5 - 5.9s, The DG45 realy does it's job with the help of a good card . P/S this is with a q9550 and 8 Gigs. Ram.

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            I do not see the perfomance of the DG45ID as a CON , truely it does real good for onboard graphics , and it handles a big card like, a GV-N250OC-1GI Rev. 2.0 very good . I was not knocking the board it's just with the published specs. I kind of expected more. But if you have been building computers for any time than you know it's real hard to get VISTA 64 to give you a 5.9 on any score let alone on graphics , But when I added the GTS 250 OC card than I got 5-5.9.  And thats great I've never heard anybody that built a computer get 5- 6s, I just do not think it happens .