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    Can't update BIOS normally on DP35DP




      I figured recently that the BIOS update via express update I was doing since I got it isn't working on my DP35DP. What happens if I use it is that it seems to be working fine, the computer reboots, shows me the screeen with the invite to press F2 to access BIOS settings then, and I think that's when something goes wrong, instantly reboots again. Then windows boots normally and I get the message that the update has completed successfully.


      The update using an ISO file does the same thing (minus the message in windows of course), but I managed to upgrade my BIOS successfully for real this time using the recovery method (.BIO file on a CD and removing the jumper before rebooting). Only problem is that this method is a bit tedious as I have to remove my graphic card to access the jumper.