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    DX58S0 and Thermal Margin problem


      I have a DX58S0 with a 920 processor.  The temps have been running fine for some time now, with the motherboard usually reporting a thermal margin of (if I recall correctly) about 55-60 degrees.  This morning after starting it up, all fans were at 100%, and when I check the BIOS the thermal margin is at zero.  I tried resetting BIOS defaults, popping out the CMOS battery for a while, still a margin of zero, and all fans max'd.


      I'm guessing I am not entirely alone in this happening, anyone else come up with a solution to this?  Re-flash the BIOS perhaps?  I have the latest version for the board currently, though, and it has been working well for weeks.  I don't use any constant thermal monitoring programs, and the fan control is set to auto in the BIOS.  I do have an LED temp monitor on it, so I'm sure it's not *actually* cooking.  Any suggestions would be great, the fan noise is driving me nuts!  hah