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    DZ68DB board can see drives bigger than 2 TB?


      I have a computer with a DZ68DB board.

      My old data drive (D)  was going bad so I bought a 5 TB Toshiba drive to replace it. I plugged it into an external caddy and formatted it to a single GPT partition. I copied over the data I needed and then powered down removed the bad drive and installed the new drive.

      When I rebooted the BIOS sees the new drive but Windows, Disk Management, and DeviceManager do not. It is Windows 7 system.

      I switched the SATA cables between my boot (C)  drive and the new drive to see if it was a bad cable or onboard controller. In each case, Windows sees the C drive so its not a cable issue. If I take the drive out and plug it into the USB-3 external caddy (EZ-Dock 2) it reads it fine. However, plugged in as an internal drive the system can't see it.

      Is this board capable of seeing a drive greater than 2 TB? I heard that the problem was that I formatted it outside of the computer so I bought another one and put it in the computer, expecting Windows to see it and I would format it normally. It didn't see that one either. Any idea what is going on?