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    Intel DH55TC MoBo hangs at BIOS screen with POST code EB for 2 Minutes. Please Help!!!


      Hi Fellas,


      It's been a mess since I switched to LGA 1155 board as the motherboard takes 2 freaking minutes to load the OS. Following is the on screen process of this issue :-

      1. As soon as I switch on the System Unit the BIOS screen pops up with Immediate POST code EB.

      2. Gets Stuck for 2 Minutes.

      3. Displays F2(BIOS) & F10(Boot Options) with Post Code 98

      4. Displays POST code BA.

      5. Loads The OS.


      My PC Specs :-

      I've been using a nVidia GeFore GT520 2GB DDR3 Graphics Card Since 4-5 Years on my LGA775 Board Dual Core Series (DG41TY) & it ran smoothly without any issues, Connected on this board as well.

      8 GB RAM (2GB x 4 RAM SLOTS)

      i3 530 CPU @ 2.93Ghz

      320 GB Internal WD HDD

      2TB WD External HDD 3.0


      I Noticed when the system unit boots the external HDD LED flashes for a little more while than usual.


      Please HELP me to fix this issue.


      Immediate reply will be highly appreciated.