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    Cannot reinstall pc theft defense client




      I really hope someone here can help me because there does not seem to be a proper contact page for the PC Theft Defense service.


      I'm am trying to reinstall the PC Theft Defense client on my Sony laptop. The laptop came with the service preinstalled from Best Buy in 2011. I had activated the service, but it has since expired. However, my laptop was never unsubscribed from the service and I cannot unsubscribe now because I do not have the client installed any more. I followed the unsubscribe instructions provided by the PC Theft Defense site. I login successfully and attempt to reinstall the software, but the installer fails with the message "Error 1001. Invalid activation code." I assume this is because my subscription has already expired.


      Should I concern myself with this issue since my service has ended already? I didn't want to take that risk, but I can't see any harm that could happen from failing to unsubscribe my laptop from the PC Theft Defense website.


      Thanks in advance,


      JoeAngel Miramontes