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    Intel Wireless drivers failing


      I just tried updating my intel drivers today and although it said that it downloaded, when i tried to install it, it said that the installation failed, and that a restart was required. I have already restarded my computer and applied the updates, but the drivers still cannot install. Can anyone help me with this issue? If there is any additional information that you need, feel free to ask me.

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          Hello aznfoo,


          Please run the Intel® Driver Update Utility from Intel® Download Center. This tool will analyze your system and report if any new drivers are available, then will give you the option to download and install them.


          If you are still not able to update using that method, please let us know the brand and model of your computer, the operating system version, also, the model of wireless adapter, as well as the driver version you have and the one you were trying to install.

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            Hi Jonathan, my computer is an HP Pavilion p15pt, the OS is Windows 8.1, and the model of the wireless driver is the Intel PROSet for windows 7/8/8.1 64-bit and PROSet wireless software for bluetooth windows 8.1 64-bit. The driver i'm trying to install is version 17.1.1501.01 for the bluetooth and for the wireless one.

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              Hello aznfoo,


              We advise you to obtain your wireless drivers from the PC manufacturer. In some cases, the manufacturer may add customizations in the adapter and driver for them to operate properly with your computer. The drivers from Intel® Download Center are generic versions and should only be used as second option.


              If you wish to try the drivers from Intel, please let us know if you were able to use the Intel® Driver Update Utility, this tool will detect the wireless adapter and any other Intel device in your laptop then recommend the correct driver version. If you are not able to update the drivers using this tool, provide the results or any message you receive.


              For any further assistance we will need additional details:


              The HP Pavilion 15 series includes models that use different wireless adapter, the PC model number should be printed in a sticker on the PC, or you can obtain it from HP support.


              The model of the Wireless adapter and the current driver version can be seen in Windows Device Manager*, under network adapters, here you will find the Intel wireless adapter, once you go to the properties, you will be able to get the driver version as well.