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    Anyone tried (and succeeded) in using CAN-bus on Edison ?


      Hi !

      I'm planning to start project about CANbus with Edison.
      But there is no Sparkfun Block for CANbus. There are Arduino Shields for it but i don't wan't to use the Arduino Breakout board (too big and too many unused stuff for my use).
      So I was wondering, would it be hard to adapt the chips from the CANbus shield (MCP2515/2551 mainly) in a Edison Block form factor, because I'm not electronician.

      And OS/BSP-side what are the things to do to be able to use the MCP2515 chip with the mainline driver existing in the Linux Kernel ?

      I don't think Edison uses devicetree, to what is the right (and most simple) way to do what I want ?


      Thanks in advance.


      DISCLAIMER : i don't have an Edison yet, just getting informations to decide if it's worth the try and not too expensive...