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    Broken graphics in Path of Exile


      I wrote in patch release thread, but looks like its better to create new thread with my issue.


      I want to report problems in Path of Exile game under Win 8.1 x64. After 1-30 minutes of active gameplay, graphics become completely garbled. Problem displays itself in different ways: missing textures, image stacking, image freeze, blank screen with color artefacts, heavy artifacting on screen, but most of the times game GUI just disappears and 3d image freezes. Also, from time to time driver crashes and OS restarts it. OS and game itself remains fully functional under such conditions. And when this occurs, texture memory and GFX usage drops down heavily. I also stress-tested my i7-4790k under Bioshock Infinite, where it did not display such behavior. Temperatures do not go higher than 60C. I also tried to roll back to older drivers, but this did not help... v3939 was oldest one I was able to find. v4176 have same issues... With classic GFX card game runs completely fine.


      Here's my DxDiag: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5836960/DxDiag.txt