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    [HELP] My HDMI port suddenly stop WORKING - I never been able to fix it since 2 years now (FRUSTRATED)


      Hi everyone!


      It's the first time that I'm writing on here..I'm very desperate and I hope someone will be able to finally help me solve my issue.


      My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L655 (from Canada) running on Windows 8 Professional x64. I think since I updated it from Windows 7 Pro (or Vista..not sure) my HDMI port suddenly stop working. I spent days and months trying to fix the issue with NO SUCCESS AT ALL.


      My VGA cable work, but HDMI is completely offline - no signal on the tv, nothing happen.


      I CAN'T EVEN ENABLE IT (see image below...I really don't know what to do)..I did my windows update..drivers update too..I tried to disable/enable my Display card but NO RESULT AT ALL.






      Here's my dxdiag details: