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    Why isn't 'Extend my desktop..." showing up?


      Hi, I recently formatted my computer and reinstalled Windows XP.  Since then, only my second video card has been functioning - my main Intel one on my motherboard seems to be unseen by my computer.  There is no option to 'Extend my desktop to this monitor' showing up.


      I downloaded the Intel drivers for the 946GZ Chipset and still nothing.  What can I do?  Maybe what I thought I downloaded wasn't the right driver, but the Intel Driver Update Utility doesn't see the monitor either.  It only seems to detect my 'ATI Technologies Inc. 3D RAGE IIC PCI' card, saying 'Non-Intel device detected. Please contact the device manufacturer for possible updates.'


      That card is working just fine, but I can't get at the one on the motherboard.  Before the format, both were working just fine.  Please help!