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    3945abg listed in safely remove hardware


      having windows xp sp3 installed, i can see 3945abg wifi adapter in safely remove hardware list..

      the problem is, that whenever i plug some flash drive into USB and then do the safely remove, windows stops my wifi adapter

      and only thing that helps is to restart computer!

      is there any way how to fix it? (to not safely remove wifi adapter each time with USB flash drive?)

      it happens only with USB flash drives, there is no problem with USB external disk drives..

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          Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing 3945abg wireless card from the device manager??

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            yes, i did it couple of times, but doesn't solve the problem.. also installed newest drivers (


            i should say that i see wifi device listed only in confirmation dialog after hiting the remove button in safely remove dialog,

            it is not listed in the safely remove dialog itself.

            i also have wifi enable/disable switch on my notebook, but as i can see, "the problem" doesn't depend on whether wifi is

            enabled or disabled. it's just there.


            i was thinking about some crazy driver dependency, but haven't found nothing. the wifi device itself is on PCI bus,

            so it is odd to me why it is stopped when USB flash drive is being removed.