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    Constant Solar for an Edison with no battery


      So, I've been doing some research on whether it might be possible to run an Edison from solar without a battery. I apologize, I've seen a lot of feedback related to using a battery with solar assuming that solar is only available outside. However, I'm trying to workout whether it might be possible to build a product that uses a solar panel (can be a larger panel, maybe up to 12x12?) indoors fed from overhead lights. I know that technically this is possible. However, what are the pitfalls? The idea is to put an Edison (bare, no shields etc) which is listening to a few GPIO signals, BT active, maybe WiFi (depends), and probably a SPI connection. into environments which would be well lit, flourescent or white LED. The idea is to be able to locate these things pretty much anywhere and not worry if power is available. The Edison can be very close to the solar panel, but not co-located. Power management circuitry would be included somehow to handle the panel output. The idea is to not include a battery to reduce maintenance issues.


      Has anyone done this? Will it work? I'm going to work on a prototype sometime in the next few months, but would like people with more experience here to provide some feedback on what I don't know I don't know..


      Any help is appreciated.