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    SS-4200e causes XP network connection to crash


      I recently bought the SS-4200e storage device. The following problem occurs with 3 different computers running Windows XP Professional: After an indeterminable time of transferring data to or from the storage using either ftp or windows share (Samba) the network connection of the client XP computer hangs. That is, there is no possibility of transferring any data via this network interface. Trying to ping the storage device or any ip address on command line results in a "host unreachable" message. Trying to renew the client's ip address results in freezing of this attempt. Trying to deactivate and activate the network connection results in freezing of this action too. The only solution is to reboot this client XP computer. However, the storage device remains accessible from other client computers (XP) until they also hang. I tried different network setups including different switches (100/1000) and cabling. The 3 client XP computers all run XP Professional but with differing firewall and anti-virus products which I also deactivated.The SS-4200e has a static ip address and everything is within the same workgroup.


      Using Linux there is no problem at all, there i can transfer hundreds of GBs of data without any problems. But Linux is not my primary OS. Does anyone know a solution to this strange problem?