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    Intel DX58SO need some help??


      I recently purchased an Intel DX58SO + core i7 920  processor. Fixed emall fine BIOS loaded and once it passed the BIOS screen prompted this "ADAPTER 1 : NO HARD DISK IS DETECTED" then browsed through all the intel pages and found there was a BIOS update and fixed it. Now the problem im facing is im not able to install any operating system on to my hard disk. When ever the win xp installation used to get to a stage where it said 3 minutes remaining im getting a werid blue screen with white text on it saying some weird errors everytime. It even asks me to reboot and try installing again but then the same blue screen and the same white text with a different error message.


      Even tried installing vista where the blue screen appears once i enter my product key.


      Please help my system is idle since 4 days i purchased for me to see this tag "WARNING NOOBS YOULL BE PAWNED" and nothing elz that i got to do with the board T_T


      Thank you.