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    Resolved: DX58SO and Realtek No Sound Problems


      I recently bought dx58so w/ core i7 920.  Had problem for few days with no sound issue that is popular with this board.   First I tried to use analogue connectors (Green, Yellow, Black cable), I could not get a sound from one speaker whatever method I use.  And for digital (optical cable),  I could not get any sound at all.,


      Anyway, here is my setup and how I resolved them:


      Core i7 920

      Windows 7 Beta 64 bit

      Logitech 5.1 THX Dolby Live system.

      Latest Bios and Audio Driver from this site.


      1)analogue connection:  I keep on trying pulling the one of connector out and plug it in again until both speakers had a sound.  ( one connector for both speakers.  eg: front right speaker & front left speaker)  This is ridiculous but worked.  I see there's similar problem with my front Headphone jack too.  Sometimes audio manager says it's unplugged even though it's plugged.


      2)digital connection:   I had no sound from my 5.1 ch speakers what so ever.  First, I thought I had to connect the board w/ some cable or realtek chip is broken or something.  However, I decided to uninstall and reinstall the audio driver as a last resort.  My speaker system was ON and optical cable was connected w/ PC when I reinstalled the drivers.   After reboot,  Realtek HD audio manager tab shows "Digital Output(Optical)" and boom, it is working fine.


      Hope this helps some people.  Good Luck.