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    Q9300 Wierd temp reading


      Good day... I would like to ask if there's something wrong with my CPU. I'm using Q9300 on an Asus P5KPL-VM motherboard. Right now I'm using Core Temp software to read the temperature of the 4 cores.


      These are the temp readings

      TJMax = 100C

      Core 0 = 56C

      Core 1 = 49C <------ ( almost 9C difference??? Which sometimes reaches 13C)

      Core 2 = 57C

      Core 3 = 57C


      Current ambient temp is 28C


      I've used different software like Hardware Monitor, Real Temp like those... all readings are the same... Core 1 is way lower than the rest. I've ask my friend to check on his computer but he's using Q6600.. All temp readins are only 1C-3C diff.


      Only 1 reason that I can think of why these are my reading because Core 1 is reading the case temp (integrated heat spreader of the cpu) and the rest reads the true core temp.. Am I right? Or there's something wrong with my processor?