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    Use 22" flat screen TV as monitor?

      I suspect this may be possible, but have been unable to get image to expand to fit horizontally??

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          If the TV has one or more interfaces for a computer like VGA, HDMI, etc, then maybe there are some methods to control the picture from the firmware in the TV.  There may be an option to strech the picture.  I have a widescreen monitor and when I watch video from HULU, it still tries to keep the aspect ratio and letterbox on the sides.  I think this is because if it stretched the video out to the sides then it would severely distort the video.  You may look for a website that the manufacturer has and see if they have some kind of information about this subject.  There may be some settings that can affect the performance.  With a TV you may have to make sure you do not use too high a refresh rate and the video card may have to have a screen size that will work better with the TV.  The resolution settings may also have a relationship to the TV; or the TV may require a specific resolution setting.  Also the Video card may have problems with a really large screen resolution.  Maybe there are driver settings for widescreen modes for your video card that will help.