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    How to disable Intel CPU based HD Graphics 4600 Completely?


      Hi All


      We have assembled PC (ASUS Z97 Pro Desktop Motherboard with Intel i7 4790 Processor )

      The CPU ships with Intel HD Graphics 4600 integrated processor graphics

      I also have NVIDIA GTX 750 discrete Graphics card

      Now I wanted to use only NVIDIA GPU and waned to disable Intel HD graphics completely right from BIOS and device drivers etc.


      However unfortunately I don't see any options to disable Intel HD graphics from BIOS


      Is there any way out to disable Intel HD graphics ?

      Also if this is possible, are there any implications?

      My purpose of this PC is solely lab virtualization with Hyper-V / VMware. If I can't disable this graphics, this will put more load on CPU specially when I run multiple virtual machines


      Any insights are highly appreciated.