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    Intel HD 4600 - OpenGL does not work




      We developed an OpenGL application and delivered to our cusotmers, and found out OpenGL 2d render does not work at all.

      OS: Windows 8, 8.1

      Graphic: Intel HD 4600 with latest driver

      PC Config_driver.png

      Our application is video player, it works for directx, direct3d, gdi render, but can not play video via opengl render.

      It's black if I set the output as opengl.

      I used a opengl test tool, seems that it passed the software verification:

      Rendering driver test.jpg

      I tried to use a open source video application VLC to play video via opengl render, similar issue - blank screen.



      So I guess opengl render does not work at all.

      Can somebody help me on that?