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    NUC5I3RYKH: Sata cable pressing on M.2 card?




      Has anyone else noticed that the SATA cable for the SSD drive presses down pretty hard against the M.2 card and causes a slight bend in the M.2 card?


      I am concerned about the long-term stability or damage to the card.



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          I noticed concern in that area of my i5RYH - I was surprised they did not mold the SATA cable connector in the opposite direction (away from the M.2 rather than toward M.2).  In my case the concern was with the "default" way that the cable ended up in the M.2 space, at the edge of the thermal pad.  My solution was to use some thin tool to push the SATA cable away from that M.2/pad area as I was closing the case.  I don't know if this happens to others, but that SATA cable routing also seems to make that corner's screw harder to tighten (my solution is to press down on that corner while tightening screw).

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            I checked the sata cable in a NUC5I3RYKH unit that I’m currently running some tests on, but I’m able to set the cable aside so that it would not press the m.2 card down. Can you check if you are able to move yours away?