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    Raid driver install


      Is there any way to install the Raid drivers without reinstalling XP? I just went through a two week ordeal of installing a new new DQ35JO MB, and new single hard drive after my old MB with Raid 0 died. Many hours and different reloads of XP in an effort to recover my data from the old Raid 0 setup. My system is now up with all my data recovered, and I was thinking about adding a second hard drive and configuring a Raid 1, but I can't figure out how to get the Raid drivers installed without reloading XP. Is there a way to do this?

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          Hello Donald,


          How have you configured SATA in the BIOS?

          Go into the BIOS>> Advanced >> Drive Configuration >> Configure SATA as ?


          If it is configured as IDE, then there is nothing that you can do to make it a RAID.

          You will need to reinstall Windows and load the F6 driver and of course configure sata as RAID in the BIOS, where you will need to have 2 drives minimum.


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