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    Problem with Wireless Ac 7260



      so i have the Intel Dual Band Wireless Ac 7260 (Driver version:, and i have the problem that i randomly  loose kind of my internet connection when i surf in the browser, and when that happend i get this massage on the browser "The site is not available." or on email programm, sometimes it comes back in few seconds or i need to disconnect it and reconnect my wlan  on the PC and then it works again, i downloaded a new driver for 2 weeks and it seems that it would work now, and than a new driver came out and i have the same issue again, so is the problem with the driver or something like that?

      thanks for help

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          Hello Revoltec,


          Sporadic wireless disconnection can be caused by many different reasons. Here some actions that can help resolve this type of issue:


          1. Confirm that the settings in the router and the wireless adapter are the ones recommended in the following advisory:


          What are the Recommended Settings for 802.11n Connectivity?


          2. Bluetooth signals share the antenna with WiFi and in some cases may have a detrimental effect in WiFi connection. Is is advised to disable Bluetooth when it is not being used.


          3. Try placing the computer closer to the access point, in direct line of sight, changing the position of the PC, then check if it helps with this issue.


          For further assistance, let us know the following:


          Brand and model of the computer, operating system version, router model and firmware version.

          Are you using the driver provided by the PC manufacturer, or the one downloaded from Intel?

          When the issue happens, how is the network shown in the Network Icon?

          Does it happen randomly during normal operation? or only at specific times? for example after resuming from sleep.

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            to point 1 my settings are all like the recommended ones, than to point 2 i gonna try to screw the bluetooth antenna out since i am not realy need it and to point 3 my access point is not far away so this should be no problem, but i wanna look now some days without the bluetooth antenna  if this will solve my problem, and if not i will ask for further assistance.

            Thank you for the help so far.


            but here are some answers to the things you ask for further assistance:

            Intel(R) Core i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz, Windows 8.1  64bit, Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97N-WIFI ITX

            I tried to download the new driver with the Intel Driver Update Utility 2.0 but it didnt work for some reason, so i downloaded it on Intel Homepage.

            When the issue happens my Network Icon looks normal like full connection and it dont say that i lost it, but i cant build up a webpage when it happens so thats why its strange.

            And yes it happend randomly during normal operations.

            A other thing, i have a separate Wifi adapter what i connect via USB, and when i use that one its working without problems, so that means that my router cant be the issue.



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              Hello Revoltec,


              Since WiFi and BT share one of the antennas, you should not disconnect any of them, this would leave WiFi with a single antenna; instead, it is advised to disable Bluetooth in the Wireless settings of Windows, or using a switch in you PC (if available), you may also disable the Intel Bluetooth radio in Device Manager.


              It would be good to check the Power options, in the advanced settings of the Power plan and make sure the Wireless Adapter is set to maximum performance both on battery and when plugged in.

              Also, set the Roaming aggressiveness to Lowest.



              For further assistance, let us know the model and firmware of the router. Even though other devices may work well with it, we have to consider that your Wireless adapter operates in 802.11ac. And some settings may be changed to improve compatibility with a/b/g or n routers and devices.

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                Hi, the antenna has 2 plugin, i understood it so from your first post, that one plugin is wifi and one is for bluetooth or  am i wrong and it needs both? cause i pluged out one of the wires on my adapter card and still have full connection on my Icon on the PC. And i will give you the firmware information later when i have time.


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                  Here are my Router Information,

                  Model: TG588v

                  Firmware: 10.5.3.M

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                    Hello Revoltec,


                    Both antennas should be connected to the adapter, this will help the reliability and performance of Wireless connections.


                    Please let us know if the actions recommended so far helped to improve the connectivity.

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                      Hello, i did all what was recommended, and today after normal activity it happend once so far (with both antenna wires pluged in of course). If it happens more often the next days i will ask again. Thanks for the help so far.

                      Best regards

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                        so after some days now it still happens sometimes, but much less than it did before, maybe it will be fixed with a new driver in the future, or do you know something else i could try?


                        Best Regards

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                          In addition to the previous recommendations, there are other actions that can also help improve connectivity:


                          - Engage support for your Wireless Access Point and check if there is any firmware update available for it.


                          - Go to the Advanced properties of the adapter in Device manager and set U-APSD support to "disabled".


                          - Checking the specs of your TG588v AP, it operates in 802.11n 2.4 GHz. If you are still seeing disconnections, go to the advanced properties again and try setting HT mode to "HT mode" and test if it helps.

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                            Hello again,

                            so the suggestion witch the HT mode, at first it seems to work now but the next days it happend again, i think i just need to wait when a new driver come out and hope that it get fixed somehow, because when i use my USB wifi adpater it works just fine so i dont think the problem is on my end.

                            But thanks for the help.


                            Best Regards