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    D410PT mITX MoBo doesn't detect video card. Limitations?


      I built a mini PC a few years ago using a D410PT mITX MoBo. Works fine, however, I need to add a video card as the on board VGA will no longer do.


      Unfortunately, the old MoBo only has a single PCI (not PCIe) slot, so I must use an old style video card. I purchased a GeForce 6600GS, but the computer didn't even detect it. I believe it was because it required more power than the D410's PCI slot can provide.


      So, before I waste any more money, can anyone tell me what are the physical restrictions to use a PCI video card with this MoBo? I need something with at least DVI support. I can always provide extra power to a card that needs it (though its PSU is only 300watts. I can go bigger if necessary.)