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    5i5ryh video + audio issues




      Like many people, i've important issues with my nuc 5i5ryh connected with A/V yamaha RX-V567 (with 1.4 hmdi cable) and my full hd TV Samsung UE50H6400 (with 1.4 hdmi cable)

      My NUC has the lastest drivers (including chipset, video and intel® Management Engine), the lastest bios with windows 7 pro 64 bit (i've tried with windows 8.1 too with the same issues).


      Issue N°1 : after video driver installation and  restart, i've a message fron tv : video mode unsupported. Actually the drivers change video resolution to 1920*1080@25 herz interlaced !!!!! With teamviewer on another PC, i can change to 1920*1080@60 hertz, if i unmask mode unsupported.

      Issue N°2 : In intel graphic control panel, there is no information in display setting (resolution or refreh rate), and i can't customize aspect ratio !!!!

      Issue N°3 : no surround sound. There are only two channels stereo available in the sound properties. Fataly, no AC3 or DTS, or DTS MA on my A/V.


      My old HTPC, core2duo with AMD 5450 has no issue at the same place.


      sumary :

      NUC           -----> Samsung UE50H6400 ok (but useless)

      old HTPC    ----->Yamaha RX-V567 ------> Samsung UE50H6400 ok (but big and old)

      NUC           ----->Yamaha RX-V567 ------> Samsung UE50H6400 NOK because bad graphic drivers


      Now, what can i do ?




      (sorry for mistakes, english isn't my native tongue)