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    Intel Processor Xeon Memory Support Question


      Hi, I'am planning to build a computer, I have:


      Processor - Intel Processor Xeon LGA2011-3 3.10G 25M Proc E5-2687WV3 10C DDR4 Up to 2133MHZ BX80644E52687V3
      Motherboard - ASUS RAMPAGE V EXTREME, Extended ATX x99 Motherboard, LGA 2011-V3 Socket, DDR4 3300Mhz+(OC)


      But the processor says it can support a DDR4 up to 2133 MHZ.
      Can I install a DDR4 3300MHz memory or should I install a DDR4 2133 MHZ memory?
      Is there a significant gain in performance if I install a DDR4 3300MHz memory?