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    Interesting Results with pyGalileo blink.py


      I'm using a Galileo Gen 1 with firmware upgraded to the most recent 1.0.4. I've tried a couple of the different linux images in combination with pyGalileo. Currently, I have the iotdk-galileo-image, SSH works great, adding repos for additional packages, etc.


      However, as is stands, I was able to get pyGalileo blink.py to activate the pin 13 LED, just in a very unexpected manner. The result is, the LED tends to not turn on at all, or just an extremely short flicker. This flicker is likely less than second, or other times you see the first 1 second blink, then the second time it cuts short and stops. Putting pyGalileo in debug mode prints all the statuses as it continues to run the script, but the LED still won't go.


      As a note, the same blink arduino sketch runs fine, the LED continues to blink on the increment until you change the sketch.


      If anyone has had similar issues that would be great, or knows additional pre-requisites. Or maybe just some reference on the most basic way (e.g. shell instead of python) to test things like the LED once booted to the linux image.