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    [Rapid storage technology] eSATA speed drop (to SATA2)


      Intel SSD eSATA speed drop (from SATA3 to SATA2) by RST


      Hi, I'm using intel SSD 730 480GB(AHCI mode), Asrock Z97 extreme 6 motherboard, Win 8.1 x64 (genuine)

      When I use intel SSD as a external drive thru e-SATA 6g(via SATA-eSATA bracket), there's strange thing happend.


      At first, it transfers data using SATA3 bandwidth, 480MB/s.
      However, after transfering SOME(5~8GB) data, the speed drops down to 250MB/s using SATA2 bandwidth.



      Looking for a solution, I found it is caused by a Intel Rapid storage technology driver. (Irst)
      Uninstalling Irst makes the symptom gone away! (transfering speed is 460MB/s)
      While I install irst (regardless of version) the bandwidth always go down to SATA2.

      Why does this happen?




      I tried rst version