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    DP43TF board 0090 BIOS update makes the fans spin like crazy....


      updating from 0082 to 0090 made my front fan spin in a very loud way every 4 seconds for a period of 2 seconds



      i don't think i'll be buying anymore intel boards, firmware wise i only had bad luck with this one:

      after i first bought it it didn't let me go into the bios using a specific keyboard, a bios update solved it

      after that the fans were rally noisy every few seoncds - another bois update solved that one


      now this...



      i downgraded to 0086 ad the problem didn't go away

      so i downgraded again back to 0082 and it was sloved

      conclusion: the regression is in 0086


      probably due to what the changelog for 0086 calls "Fixed issue with fan ramping." which apparently only made things worse