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    HTTPClient example for Arduino 1.6.3 does not compile



      I am trying to compile HttpClient example for Intel Edison and get the following error:


      C:\IntelArduino-1.6.0-Windows\arduino-1.6.0+Intel\libraries\Bridge\src/Bridge.h: In member function 'void BridgeClass::put(const String&, const String&)':
      C:\IntelArduino-1.6.0-Windows\arduino-1.6.0+Intel\libraries\Bridge\src/Bridge.h:34:15: error: 'const class String' has no member named 'c_str'
             put(key.c_str(), value.c_str());


      >> This is a fresh download of Arduino 1.6.3 IDE.

      >> I downloaded the Intel Edison hardware definitions using tools>boards>board manager

      >> This example compiles properly for any other (non-intel) board properly.


      Is someone else also hitting this issue?

      Is there an equivalent example of HttpClient for Intel boards?

      I am fairly new to Arduino/IoT space, and I could not find any answer to this online.


      Please point me in the right direction if this is already solved.