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    Intel® Ethernet Switch FM4000 Series Registers description


      Good day!

      I'm using NAT MCH  module with Hub-Module XAUI x48. This Hub-Module is based upon Intel Ethernet Switch FM4000 series. The problem is that Hub-Module uplink ports doesn't support 1 Gbit Ethernet, only 10 GbE. These uplink ports are connected to switch ports 3 and 8 respectively.

      I'd like to know how to enable 1 Gbit Ethernet support at switch ports 3 and 8?

      And also could you, please, send me FM4000 series manual with on-chip registers contents to test the product?


      I've tried to create new service request but I cann't finish it - "Please select a valid Product." error appears every time I write "Intel® Ethernet Switch FM4000 Series", "Ethernet Switch FM4000", "FM4000", "FM4224", and so on.


      Best regards,

      Miloserdin Oleg