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    Intel Nuc i3 HTPC - Surround Sound Setup and Recommendation?


      Just ordered NUC5i3RYK that I will use with OpenLec (Kodi) as a dedicated HTPC unit for my Projector. The setup will be hosted in an apartment.


      Nuc does have a built-in optical audio output and most surround sound speakers do no have an HDMI input. My projector has two HDMI inputs and one stereo output.


      My goals: have a 5.1 surround sound system that sounds good, not expansive, and does not disturb the neighbours upstairs (I live n the ground floor).


      I am puzzled as how I can achieve my goal. Can you please recommend a solution as well as suggest if I should use a sound bar or speakers and how can I transfer the audio signal from NUC HDMI to the surround sound speakers?