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    [Rapid storage technology] Accelerate tab doesn't appear


      Hello everyone,


      I know I'm not the first one to post about this issue but the last post seemed almost a year old.


      I have recently purchased and msi ge70 2PE laptop with an mSATA port. I've installed a brand new Kingston ms200 120gb ssd drive in it and I am trying quite desperately do get it to accelerate my HDD.

      I'm running windows 7 64bits

      ssh : kingston ms200

      HDD: HGST 1Tb


      In the bios I'm in Raid mode

      I've updated every driver I could find and am using the latest version of RST

      There is no partition on my ssd drive, I've tried putting one, rebooting, deleting it, rebooting, creating a small one and just about every other advice I could find on the net.


      Here is what my RST looks like right now:



      and my disk manager:


      attached is the RST system report


      If anyone has any idea, I'm getting quite desperate...