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    Intel DH77KC and Xeon E3-1230V2




      iam running a Intel DH77KC board and recently upgraded my Core i5 3470 with a Xeon E3-1230 V2 processor, I fitted the processor correctly following all safety guidelines and powered on the system. The PC turns on but there is no video signal to my monitor which is connected via HDMI to my graphics card (NVIDIA GTX 970) and the no video audio tone is heard. I have no idea what could be wrong as the board is updated to the latest BIOS and supports the Xeon processor I fitted in.


      Thank You.

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          okay I think there might actually be a issue with the BIOS; I fitted my old i5 Processor but this time I was able to get into the BIOS, I changed the video settings to disable any integrated graphics and boot only through the external PCI-E graphics card and proceeded to refit the Xeon back. After retting the Xeon the no video error code went off again so once again fitted back my i5 but this time the no video error code went off this time as well, I was able to get back into the BIOS by using the maintenance Jumper method and enable only Legacy boot mode, turned the PC off put the jumper back and the system was able to boot normally.


          I Will update as soon as I get some more good thermal paste so I can retry to fit the Xeon and see if it will boot normally in Legacy mode.

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            ANd so I got my self some high quality thermal compound and refitted back the Xeon processor bottled in legacy mode and it works! Looks like in UEFI mode the bios assumes that since you don't an integrated graphics chip you don't have any video I put at all and refuses to look at the external video card, legacy mode with the integrated graphics disabled works. Everything is now fine!