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    Custom Resolution Issues


      Hi my name's Asher,

      So i spent awhile finding a way to increase the maximum resolution available in the Display options of my Intel Graphics Control Panel. After various attempts i found an easy way to do this by going to the Intel Graphics Control Panel Display Custom Resolutions tool, the CustomeModeApp.exe located in the graphics drivers folder, and creating my custom resolution, 1920x1080 at 60hz and 32 bit. Then i went back to the Display options in the Intel Graphics Control Panel and my new custom resolution was not there. I have looked through some posts of people having the same issue but either they came to no conclusion or they did not bother to post it if they did. Could you tell me how to get my custom resolution in the options? If this is not normally available to me, is there a way for me to force it to recognize my custom resolution if i know my hardware can handle it?

      Other Facts:

      My graphics driver is manufacturer specialized so the driver update tool will not allow me to update my graphics driver.

      The Advanced option in the Intel Graphics Control Panel is not available, it says "This display does not support any of the advanced settings.", so if the custom resolutions are in there i can not access it.