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    My processor dont give me over 20% power/force


      Se alguem falar portugues seria melhor , mas vai o meu grande problema: Hi, My processor , high end i7 4820k, is very instable .The frequency is very low like i have to have 3.9 mhz ( i am in turbo, because my ram memories are in 2400mhz) but its with 1.2mhz. All cores dont exceed 18% of cpu usage and renders and games have a horrible performance , like i have to have 120 fps in Crysis 2 , but i have 20 fps ( its a great difference). My cpu information in a motherboard bios , my CPU RATIO is in 39 times and my CLOCK in 100mhz ,but task manager show my processor is in 1200mhz and max frequency in 3.7mhz ( the same in program CpuZ) and ASUS program AiSuit3, CPU ratio is in 12 times and my CLOCK in 100mhz.I dont know how have to do to fix that, because i am in a great prejudice with that.My configuration is: MotherBoard ASUS Rampage IV Black Edition ( anyone can help me to configurate my bios, to optimize my computer), processor i7 4820k, Vga Gtx GeForce GTX 780ti, Ram Memories GSkill 32 gb 2400mhz, computer source ASUS Tx850M ( 850w 80plus Bronze), SandDisk SSD 250gb and HD 2Tb.I use Windows 8.1 64 bits and i updated VGA driver with GeForce Experience, updated my motherboard driver (BIOS) and Windows.I am ready to process if this is necessary.