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    Graphics not being detected


      I have the Intel HD Graphics 4600 integrated in my laptop.  When I use the Intel Update Utility 2.0, under the graphics section it does not recognize that I have intel graphics.  I will mention my laptop also have an Nvidia Geforce card for gaming.  Why can't the Intel utility not locate the 4600 graphics in order to check for nay Driver update?



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          Thanks for letting us know about your experience. We think it would be good if the Intel Driver Update Utility detected your integrated graphics too. What make and model of laptop do you have? In the utility History tab you will find a link that says, "View log files." Please share the debugFile.Log from that folder with me. You can send me a direct message or attach it here. (You need to "Use advanced editor" on your reply to get the option to include an attachment to your reply.) I will do some troubleshooting to find out what is happening. I can't promise a quick fix. It might be something simple to fix in the data that will only take a few days to clear up or it might be a bigger problem.



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            Please take into account that if your Laptop has an NVidia* Geforce* card, than the Intel® Update Utility may not detect the Intel® HD graphics since other dedicated graphics cards usually have priority. Does your system have switchable graphics? If it does, you may try to download the Intel® HD Graphics Driver manually, just make sure that these drivers would not install on top of the existing drivers for the NVidia* card.

            Here is the link for the direct download for the Intel® HD graphics 4600: