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    Intel AC7260 limited network access after sleep / hibernation with wake on lan


      thx for the help so far in the old thread, which is unfortunately locked.


      I have an Intel AC 7260 desktop network card and I still have this problem: When I wake up my PC from hibernation mode via wake on lan (magic packet) i have limited access and no connection to the Internet. I always have to reconnect to regain full access.

      Important: When I check "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" as advised before and leave the other two options unchecked (allow to wake from hibernation and only allow magic packets to activate), I don't have this problem (when waking my PC with mouse or keyboard).

      But in order to use wake on lan, I need to check all three options. Basically, wake on lan works fine, with the only issue of not having a connection after booting.

      A have also activated Intel Smart connect technology (ISCT) in BIOS and installed the corresponding software. ISCT is supported by my PC, but I don't think it is somehow connected to my issue anyway.

      Thanks for your help in advance.


      I have windows 8.1 x64, and drivers installed for the AC7260 adapter.

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