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    DB85FL boot menu not working after BIOS update




      I just applied the latest BIOS upgrade available for my DB85FL : Intel® Download Center, but right after the successful installation, when the computer boots and I press the F10 key in order to access the boot menu, the list appears with a single element listed in it, usually the network card. Even if I try to boot from USB or from a different drive than the default system drive, the list always displays a random single element, but when I access the BIOS, the drive list shows all the connected drives, including the network card and the USB thumb drives. The F10 boot menu used to work flawlessly before the upgrade, so I don't know if I have to do a downgrade on the BIOS version to get the menu to work properly (I don't know if that downgrade is possible). I've tried everything from enabling and disabling different options in the BIOS settings to unplugging the physical drives but nothing seems to work. I use the boot menu option most of the time because I have different operative systems installed in different drives, so it's really important for me to have it working properly.

      This is what I have

      Intel DB85FL

      8 GB RAM DDR3 1333 MHz

      1 TB Drive (Win) SATA3

      250 GB Drive (Linux) SATA3

      250 GB Drive (Mac -iAtkos-) SATA3

      DVD RW Drive (SATA)


      Thanks in advance.