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    RAID0 fails, how to reboot

      Hi, today I turned on the pc and received a message "Reboot and select proper boot device" on the screen. It said my RAID 0 error.

      How do I fix it? or Can you show me how to boot properly like normal?


      If I go to Intel Matrix, and delete RAID 0, will this fix the problem? or do I need to buy a new hardisk and replaced it? I just bought the PC like 6 months ago


      I'm just noob in PC, please help! 

      Thank you

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          RAID0 is a performance feature that divides your data evenly between 2 (or more) drives; perofrmance is enhanced by having multiple drives serve up your data in parallel.  If you truely lost a drive from a RAID0 array then you lost your data.  RAID1 (mirroring) or RAID5 (parity protected) are the RAID schemes needed to provide for protection in the case of a disk failure.

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            I don't mind losing data at all. I prefer to keep it though, but not an important thing. Anyway, it said only RAID 0 failed. So how do I correct the problem so my PC can boot properly?? Please help, step by step is much appreciated.. I know very little about PC.